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iFresh is Jodhpur’s online fruit and vegetable store. We know the Value of your time and we respect your time. Hence we thought of this idea of getting all your daily vegetables and fruits needed in a few button clicks. With over 150 plus products in our category catalog, you will find fresh fruits and vegetables in our app. Supermarkets consume a lot of energy for lighting, air-conditioning and powering their refrigerators and freezers. We bypass these, bringing products to you straight from the wholesaler to your doorstep which cuts down on a lot of carbon emissions generated by the traditional supply chain and also reduces the number of cars on our roads.It is an easy, relaxed and advanced way of shopping for vegetables needed at your place. We deliver Fresh Vegetables and fruits right at your doorstep with proper packaging and safety measures. Pick the most convenient delivery slot to have your grocery delivered. From early morning delivery for early birds, to late-night delivery for people who work the late shift, iFresh caters to every schedule. We guarantee good delivery and the best quality!